History of Street Art and Graffiti

Ever wondered when street art began? Street art has a funny history although very interesting. It’s fun mostly occurred in regions within England. Nowadays, despite the funny history and all that happened before, street art has gone mainstream attracting increasing interest in urban settings around the world. Despite its fugacious nature, street art is a flourishing subculture all on its own. It has a monolithic history with its predecessor originating from protests, politics and social commentaries gratified onto public walls. Some early examples of this art were Kilroy Was Here graffiti of the World War II era. This made the cultural movement be recorded in the book, The History of American Graffiti, by Roger Gastman.

You’ve apparently also heard about Banksy, the great artist. The name Banksy stirs-up a lot of controversies. This is because his identity remainedcolorful street-art unknown after 20 years on the graffiti scene. Banksy is a Bristol indigene named Robin Gunningham who had proved to be very active in the graffiti scene since the early 1990s. His works are international with the first entitled Existencilism held in 2002 at the Gallery L.A.’s 33. This was followed by Turf Wars exhibited in 2003.

Banksy had a lot of significant exhibitions. One of them was Turf Wars. This was staged in a warehouse on Kingsland Road in London’s East End. It was an exhibition that had painted live animals making many animal rights groups up in arms concerning the show. Banksy was overwhelmingly concerned with animals’ rights making RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) view animals’ conditions fair after the exhibition.

Apart from Banksy who was possibly the best and most famous street artist, there were others. Smug, another artist, this one specialized in photo-realistic graffiti. Ernest Zacharevic, who was a Lithuanian that created a series of murals for Georgetown festival. Phlegm, who derived a name taken from Green-medicine, was an artist believed to have started out in self-published comics, bringing a detailed illustration style to the streets.

Because of these great artists of the past, street artwork, graffiti and stickers have become a major part of art practice on contemporary events. normal life art-workThis has made artists challenge art by practicing it mostly on non-art contexts. With traditional graffiti artists using primarily free-hand aerosol paints for artwork productions, current street arts encompasses many other media and techniques like mosaic tiling, stencil art, murals, sticker art among others. This has brought street art to a whole new level. Nowadays it’s an art enjoyed with a passion.…

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